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Lack of market transparency means supplier searches generate incomplete results, limiting your access to new business opportunities. Without access to the right information about the market shippers will overpay on freight. Chill-Chain brings you market transparency, giving you access to the right information so you can make the right decisions.

To hold onto current capacity and to gain needed additional capacity, it is now more important than ever for shippers to use innovation in technology to stay ahead of the curve. Chill-Chain brings you the technology you need to streamline your business and make your supply chain more efficient.





Do your commercial relationships suffer when you don’t know where goods are or why they are late? Chill-Chain uses the state-of-the-art technology to track your goods, giving you sightline of your shipments with real-time GPS tracking. Keeping in touch with your hauliers makes planning easier and productivity increase, all without the need of a phone call.


Incredibly, 40% of the lorries on UK roads are empty.

Use Chill-Chain to gain access to back-load rates, and you’ll dramatically reduce your haulage costs; not only that but you'll reduce your carbon footprint.


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Manual tendering is a time-consuming process, often providing limited results whilst tying up valuable resources in the process. Our marketplace lets you book transport in seconds! Choose from an unrivalled selection of hauliers and quotes - improve communication by keeping your bidders up to date with the latest information.

Upfront and Transparent - Efficient and Effective.


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