Linking - Journeys

Currently you book haulage via email or phone using a few selected hauliers. Chill-Chain offers the opportunity to break away from this old-fashioned / slow way of booking haulage.

By exposing your orders to a wide range of reputable haulier’s, Chill-Chain offers you the choice to make your decision based upon ratings and price. No more worrying if your goods will arrive on time or if you’ve paid over the odds for transport.

24/7 - Tracking

Ever lost a customer because goods haven’t arrived? Do your commercial relationships suffer when you don’t know where goods are or why they are late? Never experience that pain again. Chill-Chain uses brand-new-technology to track your goods, give you a visibility and notify you of any delays.

Back - Load - Brilliance

Incredibly, 40% of the lorries on UK roads are empty. Use Chill-chain to gain greater exposure to back-load rates and you’ll dramatically reduce your haulage costs.