HAULIER Overview

Be a better shipper for your carrier partners and gain “preferred shipper” status

Stay in front of your competition.

Other businesses are citing higher shipping costs, driver shortages and decreased capacity as hitting their profitability as well, forcing them to increase prices to recover margins.

To hold onto current capacity and to gain needed additional capacity, it is now more important than ever for shippers to proactively work with their carriers to gain “preferred shipper” status.



Do your commercial relationships suffer when you don’t know where goods are or why they are late? Chill-Chain uses the state-of-the-art technology to track your goods, giving you sightline and notifying you of any delays. Keeping in touch with your hauliers makes planning easier and productivity increase.


Incredibly, 40% of the lorries on UK roads are empty. Use Chill-Chain to gain access to back-load rates and you’ll dramatically reduce your haulage costs.




Our marketplace lets you book transport in seconds! Choose from an unrivalled selection of hauliers and quotes. Efficient communicate