Are you a Freight Forwarder / Broker?

Who Are Chill-Chain?

Chill-Chain are a managed online marketplace for temperature controlled logistics.

We create a digital connection between you and the hauliers you want, making it possible to post loads in real time.

No - We’re purely a marketplace for you to place loads on.

No subscriptions - No joining fees.


Why Should I Use You?

Get paid faster - electronic payments within 15 days

Eliminate 1001 check calls - We create a digital real time chat window between you and the haulier, chat online and save time

Expand your customer base freight will only come online once - surf the wave now

Do You Offer Support?

Absolutely - We're a managed marketplace, working with you to provide the solutions you need, when you need them.

Communications of issues and amendments to shipments can be seemless

We tell you immediately if there's a delay to your order, you can see where it is, so you can respond accordingly