Dead Miles


Going Green for 2019

It’s 2019; we’re one year on from the moment when leading climate scientists announced we had 12 years left to reduce carbon emissions or face irreversible environmental damage.

With the transport sector accounting for 26% of all UK greenhouse gas emissions, one of the biggest industries to come under scrutiny will be ours. Reducing our carbon footprint means looking for greener ways to move goods. “At what cost to my bottom line?” I hear you ask. Well, what if reducing your carbon footprint came hand in hand with increasing your contribution margin? Welcome to Chill-Chain, where backloading your fleet comes at the click of a button.

Dead Miles Matter

A staggering 38% of the lorries on the road in the UK are empty, Chill-Chain gives you access to an international spot market where users have the opportunity to request quotes from a pool of pre-qualified hauliers. Hauliers from within this pool can optimise their utilisation, easily sourcing backloads and preventing their trucks from an empty return journey. Shippers get access to backload rates, hauliers earn money off return journeys, and both will increase their contribution margin.

In effect, firms can increase their utilisation, decrease operational costs, eliminate unnecessary CO2 emissions and reduce traffic on the roads they depend on for their business.

Clear roads means clear skies

Clear roads means clear skies

Going green has never looked so attractive.