Why Visibility Matters


It’s the 21st Century

Over the past few years the practice of calling up a restaurant for a take-away has disappeared. Our behaviour has changed, I now pull out my phone choose from a multitude of restaurants. Then a few clicks later, I’ve ordered my pizza and I immediately know when I’m going to get my dinner, not only that - I can see it moving towards me. This is a superb customer experience, not only do I know I’m definitely going to get my dinner; I know WHEN I'm going to get it, and can actually see the courier on its way to me. Thus reducing my hanger.

Visibility engenders trust. Trust engenders business. Business equals growth

Visibility engenders trust. Trust engenders business. Business equals growth

Why is this visibility important?

  1. I know immediately what’s going on.
  2. I trust what I see, and it chills me out.
  3. I’ve saved time - both through the initial search and then later during the delivery.
  4. I’ve saved the restaurant time - I’ve not rung them 5 times in increasingly high pitched tones asking where my food is.

Chill-Chain brings this same visibility to business transactions.


Now imagine I’m 90% of the businesses across the UK. I’ve arranged a lorry at some length over the phone or by email, lets try and forget about faxes for now. My customers are relying on me to deliver the goods I’ve sold them, on time - so they in turn can serve their customers. When the shipment begins:

What do I know? All I know is I’ve booked a lorry.

What don’t I know? I don’t know if it’s been picked up, I don’t know if there was an issue with loading, I don’t know where it is whilst en-route, or if it’s been delayed. The next thing I probably hear is my customer calling me to tell me it’s late.

Chill-Chain puts a stop to this; shippers can see where the load is as it moves. Hauliers can easily offer exceptional customer service without the need for hundreds of emails or calls. Visibility engenders trust. Trust engenders continued business. Continued business is key to growth.

Visibility is where it's at.